Dremel 3D20 Idea Builder

Everything you need to get started


Start Printing Right of the Box

The 3D20 comes fully assembled from the factory and includes everything you need to go from unboxing to your first print in 10 minutes.

High Quality Printing

Print high quality parts with excellent bridging, overhangs and supports in up to 100 micron resolution

Hassle-Free Printing

The intuitive touchscreen allows you to easily access print files, start, pause and stop prints and manage your printer.

  • $799.00
  • SKU
  • Advanced motion control minimizes noise
  • Removable build platform for easy object removal
  • On-board software enables stand-alone operation
  • Full color touch screen lets you go from file to building effortlessly
  • Seamless 3D printing with SD card
  • Fully enclosed for protected building
  • 100 micron build resolution for high quality building