The difference between Formlabs Fuse 1 and Sinterit Lisa PRO

Are you tired of waiting for the Formlabs Fuse 1?

Did you pay your deposit one or two years ago?

Not sure you want to be a beta test customer?

Sinterit SLS 3D printers have been in use around the world since 2017 with the highest customer satisfaction ratings. All3DP ranked the Sinterit Lisa and the Sinterit Lisa PRO as the “Best Desktop SLS Printers for 2019”.

Across the U.S. Sinterit 3D printers have been deployed by engineering firms, robotics manufacturers, leading universities and both government and commercial aerospace organizations. If you are considering a desktop SLS 3D printer, find out why so many users have chosen a Sinterit Lisa and Sinterit Lisa PRO.

With resolution as fine as 75 microns the Sinterit can produce prints that are equal to or better than other far more expensive SLS printers. Go with the proven solution. 3D Herndon is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Sinterit products. We offer sales, service and expert support.