Magigoo Coater Expansion Kit Silicone Roller

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Magigoo Expansion Kit with Silicone Roller (blue roller). 

The Magigoo Coater with Silicone Roller is easier to use on different kinds of surfaces with different kinds of Magigoo formulations.

Apply Magigoo Adhesives with a Single Swipe

First layer build-plate adhesives are required to mitigate the warping effect in the FDM printing process of commodity and engineering grade thermoplastic filaments. 

If your AM process involves numerous build surfaces in a printing farm set-up or 3D printers with large build surfaces, applying first layer adhesives using glue-stick, pen type or brush-on adhesives simply takes a lot of time and can result in an uneven application.

The Magigoo coater enables you to pump once and spread the layer in a quick, convenient and reliable manner on your FDM printing surface.

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Magigoo Expansion Kit with Silicone Roller (blue roller). 

The Expansion Kit includes:  

  • The Coater.

How-to videos highlighting first-use, and cleaning operations for the Magigoo Coater

User Manual (24 pages):  Download PDF

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