Response to COVID-19

Fighting COVID-19 with Sinterit SLS 3D Printers

SLS 3D printers have unique capabilities compared to other 3D printing technologies. Our goal is to leverage the strengths of SLS technology in the fight to protect our frontline healthcare workers so we can do more, faster. Sinterit has tested and deployed one solution that can get face shields to hospitals 10 to 20 times faster than FDM printers. It’s clever, it’s simple, and it works.

What is it?

A set of connector clips that instantly converts any standard set of safety glasses or personal eyeglasses to a face shield.

How does it work?

It’s easy. Slide the clips onto each earpiece temple, hang a sheet of standard vinyl plastic on the clips, and lock them in place.

What is needed?

  • an SLS 3D printer (e.g., Sinterit Lisa or Lisa PRO)
  • PA12 Powder
  • Design files 
  • A4 sheets of vinyl foil around 0.1mm thick. It only needs to be transparent and stiff enough
  • A hole punch (or similar tool)

How many can be made?

A Sinterit Lisa PRO can print 200 connector clips in a single print run. That’s 100 sets of face shields from one printer.