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Along with the new Sinterit Studio we’re introducing four available software options that enable you to use new printing materials.

Sinterit Studio is our software created to work with Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro. It guides you step by step through the whole printing process. Sinterit Studio is designed to make your workflow smooth and simple. From loading your model, through arranging the objects to monitoring the state of your printer until the printout is finished.

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What's new:

  • New Interface design to make the process more intuitive.
  • Optimized Performance improved algorithms for faster workflow.
  • Improved Model arranging assistance object collision warning, object grouping, local coordinate system.
  • Uploading files by WiFi arrange the models, choose the parameters and upload the file straight to your printer.


Auto-nesting feature

Auto-nesting feature - an automated model arrangement in the printable area of the Print Bed. Something you have all waited for. It requires following the 5 golden rules of positioning but even by doing so, this feature will speed up a great part of the model arrangement process.

Personalized profiles

Personalized profiles - Modification of existing powder profiles i.e. you can select a base material from the existing ones and on this basis modify material parameters.

More open parameters

  • Piston Temperature - impact on temperature release in first print layers. It should be kept high, but shortly to avoid degrading the material.
  • Offset between perimeters - the distance between perimeters to infill and the distance between each perimeter line.
  • Skeletons - to be used for tiny elements of the print. By tweaking it you can reinforce the durability of small, non-technological printed parts.
  • Hatch Spacing - The distance between infill lines. It changes the mechanical strength of the models.
  • Printing only a shell - instead of printing a full model, you can print only the shell and modify its thickness


Together with Sinterit Studio 2019 we introduce four different versions of software:

  • Sinterit Studio: All the functionalities that you need to print using basic Sinterit powders (PA12 Smooth, PA11 Onyx, Flexa Grey, Flexa Black) in a standard manner, without experimenting with printing parameters or 3rd party materials.
  • Sinterit Studio Open: In addition to the functionalities of standard Sinterit Studio you gain access to adjust the printing parameters. Sinterit Studio Open enables you to use some 3rd party materials or experiment with printing settings.
  • Sinterit Studio Profiles: All the functionalities of Sinterit Studio and printing profiles that enable you to print with Sinterit Flexa Soft, Flexa Bright and TPE.Sinterit 
  • Studio Advanced: Full access to printing parameters and profiles for printing with all Sinterit powders. 


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NOTE: Use of Sinterit Studio software is subject to the End User License Agreement (EULA).

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