Client: Scale Print

Printer: Sinterit Lisa

Main use: Prototyping & final parts production.

Stefan Radau was a managing director in a big interior outfitting company. After almost 30 years he left to start SCALE PRINT. In his newly founded company, Stefan manufactures parts for models that cannot be purchased on the market. Most of them are printed with Lisa, and Stefan Radau is known for making the most of the small SLS 3D printer.

I have printed with Lisa for more than 650 hours, filling the printing area to the limit 14 times. On the image, you can see how many elements could fit in Sinterit Lisa at once. And the photo of the printouts confirms the quality of it - says Stefan Radau.

Client: Technical University of Liberec

Printer:  Lisa Pro

Main use: Education

Researchers and academics from the Technical University of Liberec were among the first Lisa Pro users. After more than a year they have used small SLS technology for a large number of different researches and projects.

Lisa PRO is representing available SLS technology. It brings us the possibility to investigate with students interested in biology and nature-inspired shapes. Such shapes are produced by SLS technology very well compare to the others. We use it for 3D printing of hand prosthesis, topology optimized objects.

 Jan Koprnický / Zoltán Dolenský / Jakub Macháček

Client: AGH Space Systems

Printer:  Lisa Pro

Main use: Research

Students from AGH Space Systems were developing hybrid rocket, which is well recognized thanks to safety of application, as fuel itself does not interact with oxidizer prior the launch. The concept of SLS printing was proposed for improvement of toughness, fracture toughness and stiffness of fuels from paraffin family. 

Due to resolution of Sinterit Lisa SLS technology ranging 0.1 mm, dense network of filaments was printed, including such details as spherical contact points, preventing from stress intensification and brittle fracture of load-bearing filaments. LISA Pro printer and carbon black filled PA12 powder was used for manufacturing of 3 identical segments, each 16.3 cm in length - says Dominik Zdybał from AGH Space Systems Team.