Ultimaker Essentials

Ultimaker Essentials – This software plan is included with Ultimaker hardware and forms the basic Ultimaker platform access for professional organizations. 

Ultimaker Essentials gives you the tools you need to start 3D printing in your organization, while meeting IT requirements. With features including remote printer management, firmware firewalls, verified plugins, and direct support.

  • Ultimaker Cura Enterprise
  • Security-assessed software
  • User access management
  • Associate level e-learning
  • Included with every 3D printer

  • $720.00
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Ultimaker Essentials enables companies to scale up 3D printing benefits and professionalize their infrastructure:

  • Leverage an ecosystem to accelerate 3D printing growth across organization
  • Access software designed to meet enterprise infrastructure requirements
  • Services to facilitate faster integration, and reduce business disruptions

Compare software plans and features 

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise

Enable businesses to centrally distribute the software throughout the organization, with higher stability and a higher level of security.

  • Integrated workflow – Seamless integration with all Ultimaker products and CAD software
  • Easy to use – Anyone can start a print by using predefined print settings and intent profiles
  • Distribution - Delivered in .msi format, so it can be easily deployed throughout the organization
  • Stable software - Supported for a year with (major) releases twice a year, after community testing
  • Continuous security improvements - Every release of Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is assessed by an external company and subject to continuous security improvements

Ultimaker Digital Factory

Manage and control your 3D printing workflow to effectively scale up your 3D printing output

  • Manage multiple 3D printers – Scale up production by creating logical printing groups
  • Organization access management- Gain control and ensure a more secure workflow, by controlling who has access to the infrastructure
  • Remote 3D printing – Start a print on a 3D printer of your choosing, wherever it is in the world
  • Queue print jobs – Create an efficient production output Team sharing – Share 3D printers with your team to effectively pool resources and optimize production1
  • Firewall activation2 - Increase security by allowing only exclusive data traffic from Ultimaker Digital Factory to your connected Ultimaker S-line 3D printers
  • With Ultimaker Essentials this is restricted to within your organization, for higher security and control

Available with firmware 6.0 – release expected late November 2020

What's included?

  • Ultimaker Digital Factory

    Ultimaker Digital Factory

    Set up multiple printers based on your workflow. See an overview of printers, material configurations, print jobs, and firmware versions for easy printer management.

  • Ultimaker-Cura-Enterprise

    Ultimaker Cura Enterprise

    The simplest and most seamless print preparation experience is now packaged for business. Designed to meet your IT department's expectations.

  • Ultimaker Digital Factory

    Ultimaker Marketplace

    Download plugins and material profiles to improve their 3D printing workflow. But only verified plugins are available – to increase infrastructure stability and security.        

  • Ultimaker-Cura-Enterprise

    Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy

    Role-specific e-learning courses to help you build a team of 3D printing experts to maximize the technology's value.        

  • Ultimaker Digital Factory

    Ultimaker support        

    If you need assistance, simply log a ticket with our helpdesk. Get help via email from an Ultimaker technician whenever you need to troubleshoot software-related issues.              

  • Ultimaker-Cura-Enterprise

    Ultimaker expert hours

    Upgrade to Ultimaker Excellence to gain exclusive consultancy from Ultimaker's Application Engineers, IT and API architects, and data engineering experts.                 

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