Workshops & Classes

Discover the newest creative phenomenon that is sweeping the world. 3D printing is opening up incredible possibilities for designing and building all kinds of imaginative things directly from a desktop 3D printer. You won’t believe the amazing things you can do. This technology is already changing the world. We’ll show you how to use it in a fun and easy way. We have equipped the Studio with advanced 3D scanners and printers. There is truly nothing else like this studio in the entire Washington DC area. We offer a variety of specialized workshops and courses for anyone interested in 3D Printing, including programs for:

  • Educators who want ideas and insights on applying 3D printing in the classroom.
  • Students, inventors and entrepreneurs who want to learn about 3D printing and get creative.
  • Anyone who is considering buying a 3D printer and wants to get a better idea of how they work before making that investment.
  • Engineers, architects or product/marketing specialists who want to learn how to test and prototype concepts.

Workshop from Idea to Object

From Idea to Object

This is an interesting and fun hands-on experience for anyone who would like a quick and easy way to learn what 3D design and printing is all about. Participants will each have their own dedicated 3D printer workstation.

Price: $95  
Workshop Sinterit Training

Sinterit Professional User Training

3D Herndon is the authorized U.S. distributor for Sinterit 3D printing technologies. The company provides professional training for Sinterit 3D printer users. This workshop covers the best practices for all aspects of operating Sinerit SLS printers. Use your Sinterit with confidence and achieve the optimal results. Learn from factory trained specialists.

Price: $395