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Industrial 3D Printers

A growing industry still needs innovation. It is a search of new solutions, revolutionary technologies and innovative ideas. Industrial 3D printing has become the answer to these needs. Industrial 3D printers were created for printing strong, precise and mechanically, thermally and chemically resistant large-size models. This is what modern industry requires and Omni3D responds to these needs.

Machine for customers demanding high standard of print process and demanding materials

Build volume 500 x 500 x 570 mm

You can print large objects or multiple smaller models at once.

Dual head with lift-when-inactive system

3D printer equipped with system of lifting inactive head. Optional high temperature head 500 °C is available.

Remote camera supervision

You can remotely watch print status on web panel.

LAN and WIFI connectivity

Machine can be connected with internet, what allows you for remote print startup and supervision.

Factory 2.0 is designed for demanding engineers who want to optimize costs and production time.

500 x 500 x 500 mm build volume

Extremely large printable area where you can print large items and smaller batches simultaneously.

2 extruders with automatic height adjustment

Print complicated and unusual shapes using dedicated support material. The printer is additionally equipped with a lifting system for an inactive head. Optional high temperature head module up to 420 °C.

Enclosed heating chamber

Enables effective printing of large objects from industrial thermoplastics such as ABS.

Quick start of printing and easy operation

We optimize your work with automatic platform calibration, defined print settings and filament flow control. Optional: CARBON + HEPA FILTRATION.

Machine for demanding customers with quick and easy operation with industrial standards.

Build volume 460 x 460 x 600 mm

You can print large objects or multiple smaller models at once.

2 extruders with filament presence sensor

The machine is equipped with dual heads which make it possible to print on both sides of a fabric during one printout, the main build and the support material.

Printer farm management

The possibility of remotely building and managing a printer set.

Printer management by website

The printer can be managed through a dedicated website, so you can easily start printing and control the process remotely.

Useful Applications

Design & Prototyping



Industrial 3D Printing with OMNI3D

OMNI3D industrial 3D printers were created for printing strong, precise and mechanically, thermally & chemically resistant, full-scale models. Not only are OMNI3D printers designed for producing advanced fully functional prototypes, but also final products.

Industry Applications

  • Automotive
  • Aviation Design
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Industrial Automation
  • And More

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