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Workshop "From Idea to Object"

This is an interesting and fun hands-on experience for anyone who would like a quick and easy way to learn what 3D design and printing is all about. Participants will each have their own dedicated 3D printer workstation. You will learn about different ways that 3D objects can be designed, scanned or downloaded for printing. You will learn how the printers turn a digital image into a solid object. You will learn how to make and print your own 3D objects.

No prior 3D printing experience or technical knowledge is needed, in fact you may never have seen an actual 3D printer before. However, this workshop is also good for experienced users who would like to learn more from our experts. You will learn about some of the fascinating things that are being done with 3D printers today and what’s coming in the future.

This workshop is the best way to learn about this fast-developing technology. You will gain an understanding of 3D design and printing fundamentals and this will open up lots of new creative ideas. Once you finish this workshop, you will be completely comfortable with 3D printing and you will understand how it is already starting to change our world.

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Price: $115