3D Insights

Case Studies



City 3D Modeling for Strategic Threat Response Planning

The U.S. military asked 3D Herndon to develop an advanced capability to create 3D models of urban environments that could be deployed for strategic threat response planning. 

Historical Preservation

3D Imaging and Printing Church Sculpture

Church officials wanted to create a scale model of this sculpture to preserve it and use it as a meaningful symbol to the parish community.  3D Herndon was asked to make a 3D scan of the sculpture and then 3D print copies that could be used as gifts of recognition and awards for church activities.


3D Printing

3D Printing

We can print using FDM  printers, SLA resin printers, or SLS powder printers.

3D Scanning


If you would like to have an object scanned just bring it to us for a consultation and evaluation. 

Prototype Design

Prototype Design

We can help you create the digital design of your prototype optimized for 3D printing.